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Fame High


A documentary, musical, drama

From the nail-biting freshman auditions to the spectacular graduation performance, Fame High captures the in-class and at-home drama, competition, heartbreak, and triumph of one year following a group of struggling freshmen and seniors at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts (LACHSA). Here, both underprivileged and privileged teenagers reach for their dreams of becoming actors, singers, dancers, and musicians.

Fame High is where intensely devoted teachers and highly motivated students go about the business of making the best better. But all that talent means all that pressure when students are competing for the same roles, the same teachers’ favors, and the same career opportunities. They are also struggling with grades, family and young love, while defying complications of race, culture, and economic challenges at every turn.

During these difficult economic times when art is being cut even further from our schools, Fame High demonstrates the value of arts in education. This is a first-hand look at the life-changing importance LACHSA and other performing arts schools provide to racially and economically diverse students.

About the Filmmaker

Academy Award nominee Scott Hamilton Kennedy is a writer, director, producer, cameraman and editor and has worked on everything from music videos and commercials to motion capture animation, scripted and reality television, and fiction and non-fiction film.