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Production Team

Michael Chin (Director/Cinematographer) previously directed Inside Chinatown and co-directed Transcontinental Railroad for PBS. He has served as Director of Photography for numerous documentaries and independent features, including Eyes On The Prize I & II; America’s War on Poverty; The Great Depression; Academy Award winning In the Shadow of the Stars; Dancing; A Hymn for Alvin Ailey; Malcolm X: Make It Plain; Irish in America; Cadillac Desert; Africans in America; First Person Plural; The Floating World of Masami Teraoka; Zoot Suit; Japan, Memiors of a Secret Empire. Chin's feature credits include: Wayne Wang’s Chan Is Missing and Dim Sum; Raoul Peck’s Haitian Corner; Lawrence Hott’s The Boyhood of John Muir, Phillip Gotanda’s Life Tastes Good, and Robert Zagone’s Read You Like a Book.

Lydia Tanji (Producer) is an acclaimed costume designer whose credits include The Joy Luck Club, Dimsum, Hot Summer Winds, A Thousand Pieces of Gold, The Wash and Life Tastes Good. She has also worked at regional theaters across the US. Over the years, she has worked with Emiko Omori, Michael Chin, Sara Chin, Wayne Wang, Steven Okazaki, Philip Gotanda, and Felicia Lowe. She has also worked as a costume designer on re-creations for documentaries: Transcontinental Railroad, The Massie Case, Gold Rush, American Experience; Chinese in America, and We Shall Remain; Episode 3, Trail of Tears (co-designer) for PBS.

Wylie Wong (Co-Producer) is the owner of Asian Art and Antiquities, as well as a collector, dealer, painter and former board member of the Chinese Culture Center where he curated exhibitions. Wylie also curated exhibitions at the Triangle Gallery, San Francisco International Airport, Bank of America, Transcontinental building, and an online exhibition for the Museum of Performing Arts (where he donated 400 of the May's Studio photographs). Wylie is a former president of the League at the Asian Art Museum and has been a consultant with the Chinese Historical Society. The May’s Studio photographs have been exhibited in Hong Kong, New York City, the De Young Museum, San Francisco State University art gallery, and the Museum of Performing Arts.

Sara Chin (Writer/Sound Recordist) is the author of the short story collection Below the Line (City Lights publisher). She has worked on documentaries that have aired on PBS’s American Experience and POV. Sound credits include: First Person Plural, My America, Rachel’s Daughters, Skin Deep, The Beats, In the Shadow of the Stars, Calavera Highway and In the Matter of Cha Jung Hee, produced and directed by Deann Borshay Liem. She is currently writing a novel.