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Ars Minerva and the Carnival Festival


ARS MINERVA is a San Francisco-based nonprofit performing arts organization, founded in 2013 by CĂ©line Ricci. The mission of ARS MINERVA is to bring creativity to the service of the arts and share its passion for music by reviving forgotten musical treasures.

Their first project will be the creation of the annual Carnival Festival. They will celebrate the glamorous and epicurean spirit of Venezia Barocca by resuscitating operas written for the Carnival during the 17th and 18th centuries and never again performed until now, as Ars Minerva world premieres.

The first opera production of the Carnival Festival will be LA CLEOPATRA, an opera composed by friar Daniele da Castrovillari with a libretto written by Giacomo dell'Angelo, was created in Venice in 1662 at Il Teatro Vendramin di San Salvatore (today Teatro Goldoni).

The music of Venice in the 17th and 18th Centuries is more than an historical record of a city's artistic life: it is the evocation of an era, an age of decadence and provocation that defied class and gender. It is the spirit of Carnevale.