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Precious Objects of Desire In the Matter of Cha Jung Hee
ON DVD: In the Matter of Cha Jung Hee is a feature-length documentary exploring the thorny ethical issues surrounding international adoptions through the personal journey of Korean adoptee Deann Borshay Liem, who travels to Korea in search of her “double” – a girl whose identity was switched with hers immediately before Liem was adopted by an American family. This is a follow-up to Liem’s film First Person Plural, which premiered at Sundance and aired on the POV series on PBS.more >>
On Coal River On Coal River
ON DVD: On Coal River is a verite-style documentary film set in the heart of West Virginia, where longtime residents are forced to take a stand against an increasingly mechanized and destructive coal industry. Following in the tradition of documentaries like Harlan County, USA, the film portrays four ordinary Americans facing extraordinary challenges. Dramatic, entertaining and humorous at times, On Coal River captures the nuances and textures of life at the fault lines of our nation's energy and environmental policy debate.more >>
GOK Geographies of Kinship: The Korean Adoption Story
IN PRODUCTION: Geographies of Kinship: The Korean Adoption Story (working title) is a 90-minute documentary that explores the history of transnational adoptions of Korean children from the 1950s to the present. Directed by Deann Borshay Liem, Geographies of Kinship will use character-driven stories as a springboard to examine the complex interplay of geopolitics, transracial adoption, and cross-cultural kinship and identity in our increasingly globalized world.more >>
Mimi and Dona Mimi and Dona
ON PBS! Mimi and Dona is a personal documentary about a 92-year-old mother, Mimi, who must part ways with her 64-year-old daughter, Dona, who has an intellectual disability. Produced and directed by Mimi’s granddaughter, Sophie Sartain, MIMI AND DONA captures the quirky, insular world of Mimi and Dona and documents the anguish of their separation, as well as the family’s confusion about finding care for Dona.more >>
On The Map On The Map
IN PRODUCTION: On The Map is the incredible true story about how the Tel Aviv team no one thought could win toppled the four-time defending European Champions and put Israel firmly on the map.more >>
Tierra y Libertad The Garden
ACADEMY AWARD NOMINEE! Directed by award-winning filmmaker Scott Hamilton Kennedy, this verite-style documentary follows the plight of a 14-acre community garden in South Central Los Angeles. It started as a form of healing after the devastating riots in 1992. Since that time, the South Central Farmers created a miracle in one of the country's most blighted neighborhoods. But in the summer of 2006, after a heavily publicized struggle with a powerful developer, the garden was leveled by bulldozers to make way for a warehouse. It was a tragic end to a long and complicated story.more >>
The End of America The End of America
ON DVD: You may have seen the bumper sticker that says, “If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.” The slogan aptly describes Naomi Wolf’s call to activism in the bestselling book, The End of America. Now from the award-winning directors Annie Sundberg & Ricki Stern (The Trials of Darryl Hunt) comes The End of America documentary. The film puts the recent loss of civil liberties in the U.S. into sharp historical context, and sounds a clarion call for defending the rights so clearly etched in the U.S. Constitution.more >>
A Jihad for Love A Jihad for Love
ON DVD: Filmed in twelve different countries and in nine languages, A Jihad for Love is the first-ever feature-length documentary to explore the complex global intersections of Islam and homosexuality. With unprecedented access and depth, the film brings to light the hidden lives of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Muslims and goes where the silence has been loudest, to countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Egypt and Bangladesh, as well as to Turkey, France, India and South Africa.more >>
Special Circumstances Special Circumstances
ON DVD: At 16, Chilean native Héctor Salgado was arrested, tortured and imprisoned for three years by Pinochet’s forces. By 20, Héctor was without a country, living in exile in the U.S., the very place whose devastating foreign policies in Chile caused the death and torture of thousands. Special Circumstances follows Héctor as he returns to Chile almost thirty years later, looking for answers and justice from the perpetrators and his former captors. In the process, the documentary takes an unflinching look at the legacy of Pinochet in Chile today.more >>
Out in India Out in India: A Family’s Journey
A documentary about the transforming power of love, and the universal power of the arts, Out in India follows David Gere and Peter Carley, a gay couple with two young children, as they journey to India, where Gere tries to stop the deadly march of AIDS through collaborations with a range of courageous artists. Directed by award-winning filmmaker Tom Keegan, who worked intimately with the participants in the U.S. and India for over a year.more >>
Bikes Bikes vs. Cars (Fiscal Sponsorship)
The bicycle is an amazing tool for change. Activists and cities all over the world are moving towards a new system. But will the economic powers allow it? BIKES VS. CARS, a new film project from BANANAS!* and Big Boys Gone Bananas!* director Fredrik Gertten, looks into and investigates the daily global drama in traffic around the world.more >>
Shalom Bollywood Shalom Bollywood (Fiscal Sponsorship)
IN POST PRODUCTION: Shalom Bollywood: The Untold Story of Indian Cinema is a narrated, feature-length documentary, told in the style and feel of a Bollywood film, which reveals the unknown history of India’s tiny 2000 year old Indian Jewish community and its female superstars who shaped the world’s biggest film industry.more >>
10x10 Girl Rising (Fiscal Sponsorship)
ON DVD: Girl Rising started with a question: Is there a way to end extreme poverty around the world? Yes, there is! Educate girls. Change the world. Now, as part of a worldwide media event and social action campaign, The Documentary Group and Academy Award-nominated director Richard E. Robbins have created a feature-length film focusing on the lives of nine extraordinary girls around the world -- transforming a subject that is vast, complicated and daunting into one that is intimate, personal and accessible. more >>
10x10 Gabe Tomorrow (Fiscal Sponsorship)
IN PRODUCTION: As an eleven year old, Gabe Dunsmith was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer affecting one in a million children his age. Today he is a 17-year-old environmental journalist working to piece together the story of his illness which includes an abandoned Superfund site, EPA negligence and developers of a gated community. Gabe Tomorrow is an unlikely coming-of-age story about Gabe, a young man who bravely battles the EPA as he faces challenges typical of being a high school senior. more >>
Mama, L'Chaim! L'Chaim! (Fiscal Sponsorship)
IN FESTIVALS: 61-year-old Chaim lives with his 95-year-old mother, a concentration camp survivor. Knowing what his parents had endured, Chaim made it his mission in life to care for them as they got older and now attends to his mother 24 hours a day. This film shows how Chaim deals with the long-lasting effects of terrible trauma with a generous spirit and a kind heartedness that is inspiring. As the title "To Life!" shows, it is not about reliving the horrors of the Holocaust but about how one can make this legacy bearable with vitality, love, and even humor.more >>
El Hara El Hara (Fiscal Sponsorship)
For more than 700 years, thousands of Jews lived in the Islamic city of Tunis. Most of them lived in a ‘city within a city,’a neighborhood called the Hara. One conflicted young boy who was born here recognized the way in which colonial power was affecting his community — but also his sense of self. Not a Tunisian Muslim nor a French Colonizer, he existed, like all Jews here, somewhere in between. The boy moved to Europe and became the most celebrated Tunisian writer of the twentieth century, a thinker in the same circle as Albert Camus and Jean-Paul Sartre. His name is Albert Memmi.
Leaving Odessa Leaving Odessa (Fiscal Sponsorship)
LEAVING ODESSA: From Refugee to Gold Medalist The Story of Lenny Krayzelburg follows the inspiring journey of Lenny Krazelburg who goes from a talented but discriminated against youth whose dreams were constantly crushed, to a celebrated Olympic athlete and world record breaker. Krayzelburg's story shines much needed awareness onto significant human rights issues, the pursuit of the American Dream, and sports as a means to promote social change.